A highlight from The One and Only KBO


All right but you ready to go. I'm ready to go all right. Thanks again for joining us for another episode of the open campus. Podcast okay. Yeah well the sky. It is in the sun in my eyes. I gosh i'm you had to sit at that side of the table. Well all the rest of you weren't around to see all of this but The getting this setup. Right here to bleep. It's more work for me when i have to add. Why did he does it at this point. Yeah to your audrius. You never want to mess. Probably with the editor. I tell you what though that lasts episode. Took me twenty minutes when that's not true because it's forty three minutes longer forty six minutes long to me like an hour and a half because so good at well. We're getting we are. Yes you screw up a lot less frequently than you used to true. But here at the fairway avenue studios notice. I didn't give. And i'm i'm comfortable dropping that okay. I mean because fairway avenue. Italian like two billion tackling. So you'd never be able to find me. No never okay. I've been in the witness protection program for so many years now. we're full. Name is on the website right. So what are you saying nothing. Yeah so here. We have to get setup worse each and every show and we're here today you've heard her voice already so we'll be like we can't wasted a lot of time in without introducing was going. Take a drink of water. I cover my microphone. Starring has they're getting visual. I have the sun shining directly in my eyes van bees over across from me attempting to drink water without making this weight last week. She decided to go ahead cough into the microphone. Oh yes miffed into the microphone last week. So she's very unrefined. That's what you get here. Yes no we do have a very special guest this week. The one and only abo. And that's how i announced. Keep you at awards night. The other night as well and i noticed that a couple of other people picked up on that. So the one and only k b o i think is your official moniker. It like stitched onto every single piece of clothing. I have right here on my left side. Yes no nothing else is the one and only the one and only just wanna talk about yourself for. Just say a couple things about you. The first thing that came to mind. I'm five foot. Eight o'clock nothing. Sorry that's okay i. I'm a senior I do a lot of things. Nothing specific really just things. Yeah things that's a lot of things and i. I'm kind of an artsy person. Like i like to do like talkie stuff. I talked contest. That's cool. Oh and i do like music stuff and things like that and so whenever i go to college. Hopefully i go into music. So it's awesome. He was my first state speech. Medalist let alone champion in poetry for the c one division contests so that was the highlight of my life. So it's hard to overstate. What just got said there. I i want to chime in on that a little bit. I mean i've been in. I've been working where we work for. Seventeen years in that time i re i think we have. I'm not sure if this is one other state medalist but there was only what other state medalists in that amount of time. Excuse me not state. Metals state champion in that period of time and speech. Yeah yes we only had one other. Pretty sure you're the second in the histories. It's a big deal to pay deal. What's even bigger about. It is to you know on the outside looking in. But it's not like you racked up a whole bunch and i realized in speech i have to. It's a little more subjective. So i don't know that people typically rack up championships weekend and week out. Maybe that does happen. But that wasn't your story. That correct kind of worked my way to that point but i was whenever i started. Winning it was at like districts was by i. I got a lot of runners up at a lot of thirds literally was just like a gradual incline and district champion and then we were state speech. And i just was like this is. This is the day the culmination of she did it. Yeah so cool goosebumps. I still can't like even a look at it just about every day. It's hung hanging up in my room with all my other speech medals from my last four years. And i just look at it. And i'm like i don't think you're real okay. Still pinching yourself. That's super cool. I remember The week of. I don't know where i picked up on this but I remember van. Be sending visit a message to your mom and says you know. She was something about practicing a canadian accent.

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