A highlight from S4E4: Revenge of the Fifth/Pids


We are brought to you by ekos. Fc and roughnecks scarves it is wednesday may fifth twenty twenty one happy belated star wars day. Happy revenge the fifth and by the time you are listening to this. Probably return to the six or possibly. The seventh awakens fan protests continue in england as manchester. United fans broke into old trafford on sunday postponing the match between united liverpool. Rome is three years away from earning once. Again as josie marino has taken over the helm at. As roma and no matter what happens an american will win champions league for just the second time. Ever as zack stephens. Manchester city will take on christian pulisic chelsea football club and the colorado rapids have their first win of twenty twenty one. I'm joined now by. Everyone's favourite fully vaccinated matsu ball eating. Champion rabbi marc goodman and ginger tumor aficionado for the night math. Yeah that's crazy. I mean not only. Is it a chelsea man city. You know a battle. But you've got a difficult choice for us. Pennsylvania's matthew you've got a local native born pennsylvania. Who was the assistant coach of the pittsburgh. river ounce in christian pulisic his father's mark listening and on the other side. You've got zack steffen. Who was formerly the goalkeeper or the pittsburgh river hounds. I mean you're pittsburgh you can't lose baby this is. This is french fries and coleslaw on your sandwich. I gotta think that this comes down to you. This is probably a. How do you feel about the. What's the there's a theme park right in hershey. yeah. I believe. It's just caller she named park. It's alleged called her. She theme park. Like i think it depends on the level of nostalgia. You have for that or i guess. The question is mark. I would assume zack. Stephens contribution to the hounds was probably far more significant than the contributions of christians. Dad or at the very least you could say that this was you know that is one degree removed from actually contributing to the river whereas acted f. and actually wore. The shirt stepped on the field fought for the the black and yellow. So i think i think definitely played like eight games for us a big deal either way. All right That's a really good question than mark speaking of the other stuff going on and champions league mark You know we are currently recording this folks just minutes into the second leg between columbus and monterey monterey has taken one goal lead up on that so by the time. You're listening to this. You'll probably know whether it's columbus or monterey and then later tonight whether it's club america or timbers filling out the four spot in the semi finals but mark we already know that philadelphia is going to get through. And i wasn't surprised last night with what crews did to toronto. Fc albeit with alex bano you know pretty decent howler with him being office line on that goal that was scored in any case mark. We do have some hope in for what i would call the best collected team and the team with the best mentality of the mls teams nc sale this year. Making it to the semifinals Is there any hope. Or this is usually the round where we start to realize. Yeah we ain't winning

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