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Creative excellence without the grind. All right. let's get to this week's interview now if you've got a listener of the show for a while and you probably already know this week's guest. Douglas davis he was first back on the show in two thousand sixteen. And i'm so glad to have it back. He's a professor. He's a strategist. And he's the author of the book creative strategy and the business of design. Let's start the show all right. So tell us who you are. And what you do so maurice. Thank you so much for having me back on revision path. My name is douglas. Davis and i am a strategist. I'm an author professor and For the last about three years. I've been the chair of the bfa in communication design at new york city college of technology design program at the foot of the brooklyn bridge. And what. I love about being the chairs that i've been able to make our mission and extension of my own personal mission which is to increase the variety of voices making a living with their imagination. So y- how is twenty twenty one intriguing. So far twenty twenty one has been a blur. I still remember march last year when we stopped having in person classes and i pull my team together for our last in person strategy session where we just audited all the normal function of functions of a semester. What had to happen within this form timeframe last year and from there i was able to defuse the operations among my Fifteen person team. So that i could focus on forecasting in new systems design and so it was a really important move because it helped me to set the tone that would bring us into a year later. Now we're in april of thousand twenty one but most of that has been a blur. But that i guess i can say it's been a blur those reasons that i'm glad that we're able to pivot because i saw what the problem was immediately. We were able to identify how we needed to redesign our own systems. Communications or just how. We actually carried about the normal day to day so that i could focus on finding the constants in this variable environment so that we could actually make decisions. That would basically bring us into this point. So it's been a blurb. But i will say that we have Little boy he turned to during the quarantine. And so it's been. I think the best thing was to be here every day to see him. So i will say it's been a blur but it's also been a joy because i would have never been able to watch my son grow in the ways that that he has so i'm grateful for that part of it. In a way of sounds like the blur has been a blessing. It has been. I think that's a great way to put it because not only. Has it allowed me to for this last year of being chair usually whenever you are elected chairs for three years and you decide to renew that or not. I've decided not to but after the first two years. I had already accomplished all my goals. So this third year in that pivot has been about reinventing. What it is that we offer and it's been difficult because usually you can walk down the hall. You can bump into your coworkers and ask them. What's going or observe yourself in your there. You can watch. You can experience the environment. But i've been flying this plane blind because the only place that are offering exists is in zone rooms right. So we've got to in this year. We had to figure out. What is it that we offer. Where's the value. And how do we even talk about it. And so we had a two year run of quite a lot of positive press releases and quite a lot of awards and you were nominated for an emmy twice. We won the emmy. And i told my dean in the provost and the president not to expect any of those things from us. Because i don't even know what it is that we are attracting students to and so until i can figure that out by talking to literally every single person we have about maybe eighty adjuncts and that you know fifteen member team i make sixteen and just talking to them and ask them questions. What's working what's not working. And why in order for me to figure out maybe even what shouldn't come back from online. What should stay there because it we can still get a level of quality but what is hurting. What is not actually what we would want if we had a choice. Things like event studio photography for instance. Who's learning apertures and f. stops and lighting with a camera. Phone right or things like figure. Join if you're really about learning the aesthetics of line shape for space kalaveti texture all the things that they teach you in in our school traditionally can't really do that at a distance. And so we've been trying to figure out how exactly we can offer our students. The best value added distance during this time. The whole world is shifting in addition to the fact that you know right now i like to say that the most important students are my staff the professors because it's almost like dan snapped his fingers in instant. How exactly you went from freshmen in college. The first day on the job totally changed along with what you do on that job how you do that job. And so i think is really important to invest in

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