Life After Your Clutter Threshold

A Slob Comes Clean


What do you do after the clutter threshold and you bring up castenbaum because those are people who i do absolutely recommend. They are very smart ladies. They talk about the same kind of stuff that i talk about from a perspective that resonates with a lot of you guys. That's actually how we met. Was you guys telling us. Hey we listen three of you anyway. So let's talk about this. My first response to this question is yea like in my notes i have. Why a why. Why why why why. Why not like. Why w. h. y. But like yes okay with six exclamation points because it big deal for somebody to get to the point where you actually editor the words when you get the win on decluttering like w. i n and life is so much easier i mean. Let's just take a moment and that's actually my first piece of advice here is to say take a moment and be so stinking proud of yourself like take a moment and realize what you're saying as someone who listens to podcast called a slab comes clean. Okay think about wherever you were in your life when you happened upon something called a slob comes clean which there are people in the world who literally will not even look at it because the word slob just mixing that or whatever but where were you in your life and in your journey with stuff that you stopped at the name of a podcast a slob comes clean however i i don't actually have the name of the person who wrote this on there so anyway but i'm just saying i want you to be proud of yourself.

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