Jessica Walter, star of 'Arrested Development' and 'Archer,' dies at 80


This is far from what is making anyone happy this week but i did want to say a few words about the wonderful actor jessica. Walter shows died wednesday at the age of eighty and so much of the attention. She's gotten in. Recent years was for her work as lucille bluetooth on arrested development. She also did amazing. Voice work as mallory archer on archer which was kind of amped up lucille booth kind of turning her into somebody even sharper and meaner but really lucille. Blue was jessica walter's masterwork. He's beautiful boy they don't appreciate is his glasses. They make him look like a lizard. Plus he's self conscious. Gee i wonder why if that's a veiled criticism about me. I won't hear it. And i won't respond to it in both roles. She's just indispensable she so cutting and funny distinct and you know both arrested development and archer of stuck around in unexpected ways can get rebooted or coming back for limited runs that way were nothing with a cult following a really has to end. But this is kind of how you know that they actually do. Have to end because without jessica walter. What are those shows. She was so central and so essential. She had an incredible career. Know it's lazy to fall back on. Imdb when you're summarizing a career but her mdp page is basically the modern history of television. She has a hundred and sixty one credits. Spanning roughly sixty

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