Clubhouse beta finally arrives on Android


The national association of attorneys general sent a letter to facebook. Ceo mark zuckerberg asking him to abandon plans to launch a version of instagram for kids under thirteen. The letter was signed by attorneys general from forty four. Us states and territories saying facebook has historically failed to protect the welfare of children on its platforms. A facebook spokesperson says that the company has just started exploring the product and is committed to not show ads in it. In an analyst briefing sony projected that the playstation five will remain in short supply throughout twenty twenty two so he says it has sold seven point eight million. Ps five units as of march thirty first and estimates fourteen point eight million units will have been sold by the end of this current fiscal year monthly active playstation network users and game sales in the first three months of twenty twenty one declined on the year a new note by apple analyst. Ming chico claims that the earliest apple plans to use its own internally developed. Five g modems would be in. Its twenty twenty three iphone models apple senior vice president of hardware technologies. Johnny strategy told an internal apple town hall in december of twenty twenty that the company had begun developing five g modem following apple's acquisition of most of intel's smartphone spark phone modem business back in two thousand nineteen just in time for its declining userbase clubhouse released a beta of its android app in the us rolling out globally in the coming weeks android users outside. The us can preregister for the beta in the google. Play store clubhouse said the platform will remain invite only for now to keep growth manageable airy interesting time in their clubhouse the insurance company acts are say said at the request of the french government it will end cyber insurance policies in france that reimburse victims for ransomware payments of the policies will still cover the cost of recovery. Speaking at a recent paris roundtable french cybercrime prosecutor johanna browse said that in two thousand twenty only. The usa experienced more ransom attacks than

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