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Would we would want someone to treat our grandmother with that kindness and compassion and explaining and just being open and let's connect a little bit more. I think that we can really get people. Reengaged to the mission. If they just feel that they that we care about them. Let's care let's care. Let's open outlets communicate. Let's get reengaged. Hello jersey business. This is johnny guinn producer of this wonderful podcast. episode. We are replaying the best moments of the one gas. We have had the most on the show and must listen to on the cheers of business. Podcast it's hr guru and all around amazing person. Dr a wiggins of morale resources enjoy the wisdom in immense fun from the best of gio wiggins. Hey i'm karen. I'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to cheers to business weakens. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for having me as always this is my home. Geo wiggins my hr human resources just through sister. I love you so much. We were separated from birth. I think from the moment i met you. We have this connection gonna tell all the details about as really being sisters. But i'm pretty sure you're exactly right i think you are. I'm his mama. Bear oftentimes a lot of people in business human resource and payroll while they're cousins. They're really two separate things but they do work so closely together. And i think that's why our relationship works. So i would love to hear from you. What human resources is first of all payroll in a lot of organizations as part of human resources. And so i think that's kind of where he gets confused. Oftentimes someone will have a person that specializes in payroll and they can also take care of the employees issue. So i have a question about benefits or my pay is right and so it really does merge together and a lot of different ways and so. I've always considered payroll to be an arm of human resources in the human resources octopus family. I'm all of this. Yes but seven others others abud human resources as a whole is just we take care of people with that may mean and so we are the ones that are in charge of the safekeeping of human capital. So if that means you know sitting down to be a listening ear if it's resolving conflicts on with on the supervisor if it's helping to plan a benefits package making sure that payroll is done and making sure the employer doesn't get sued. That's what i was saying. You pretend employer is well. That's the whole different other side of it. What we tried to do is take care of all the things that will take them away from being able to do their job in a safe manner and then on the other side where liaison because we also stand firmly with the employer and we help the employer to find solutions to the problems to make sure that they get the most out of human capital which are their employees on their staff. So we're there to make sure that the employees are effective and they're efficient and they're productive and so we are smack dab in the middle making sure that we bring both of those together. And i feel like that gets overlooked sometimes in smaller businesses. You know a lot of times when i speak with small businesses and a lot of my clients are small businesses. They say well. I just don't think. I have enough people to have you know someone that's dedicated to human resources and i said well that's fine. You don't have to have a dedicated human resources person but you better make sure that your staff is trained enough to be able to deal with these issues because just because you don't have human resources department it does not prevent you from being sued or having to deal with some of the issues at the large larger organizations have to deal with and so That's what i do. Try to help. Those smaller. businesses understand what is necessary on the things that they need to know. In order to make sure their employees are being taking care of really wanna touch on keeping morale and engagement because that is kind of as a small business owner. You get busy and you're just go go go and you don't you forget it. Let's be honest. You forget about birthdays and you're all that important stuff anniversary dates. The thank yous that you're so grateful but you forget or you get busy so go. Engagement is part of my life on one of the things when we start at my business that we decided to do was to have an engagement division. So engagement is basically the art of getting people to care. Okay so let's just make care. We just forget to tell others well to get the employees to care to care how is payroll of all doing. Are we going to you. Know be franchise of the year again. How do i get the people who are not getting those accolades from corporate. How do i get them to care. As much as ocu- that's would engage in is getting them to care. More about will is my paycheck coming on friday at nine o'clock and you know you better not say anything to me. Because i'm working hard. And i miss my babies. You know You know to that. What is it that you can do so one of the things that i wanted to do. with company was avenue arm that just specifically spoke about engagement. Okay so what is it that i can provide to the community and to the business community at large that is a little bit different to get people route up and so what i did was abroad in the exact same thing i've been doing it. Companies for years and anybody who's ever worked with me as a human resources as human resources manager can tell you i celebrate. I believe that we celebrate the small stuff.

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