Interview With Audioburst Co-Founders Amir Hirsh and Gal Klein


Today. We're gonna talk about the rise of audio and ai in the combination of the tune. What that's gonna mean for not only our industry. But for i think more broadly for for tech in society because there's significant cultural elements here so my guest today or go klein and amir hershey were the co founders of audio burst. And what i thought i would do is maybe you could give a quick overview of what audio burst is how things got started and what you do in the market so i wanted to say hi to the team the join listen to us some of the faces familiar to me and others. That don't know me. I'm a mirrors founder. Other birds the like a the means to me I think the story of body verse should be maybe five years ago when we founded the company being huge. All your fans me personally. More on the radio sides in the us weren't as popular as they are today. Gossiping was faster than me to adopt to pretty much any of the medium available out there. We felt that everything we wanted to know and eager is available in exists in the audio world. But he was extremely hard to find. It was extremely to enjoy and from that challenge for the offers which is a big company. Were in a i. Face the engine that we've developed valuable product. Describe it into but later But we used. Our capabilities are know how allen jr to build an engine to make all your acceptable to understand what is being spoken with the spoken word audio which cheap acknowledgee up to that point warlords. The blind spot nause understanding of this thing would exist within the company and using our capabilities. Fine fine Become too we were looking for on one hand and help the concentrate us find the listeners and the us they wanted

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