Why Would Jaguars Sign Tim Tebow?


We are back final hour. It's been a fun show. We appreciate you being here. A lot of conversation with my Mike smith earlier. We also talked to dennis dodd. Another conversation predictably has been tim. Tebow we've given you a lot of reaction on that in the mike cannon bom from espn former gm jets dolphins. He's been here a couple of times. He had this to say earlier today. On keyshawn jay will and zubin about understanding the signing. I don't like it. I just don't see the upside in this move. He's thirty four years old. He would be a backup. I just don't know of thirty four year old players that can come in and be back place special teams and you're taking away a roster spot from hopefully a young developmental player that could grow with a young nucleus obviously led by trevor lawrence. And to me this is probably through the lens of urban. Meyer saying a decade. And a half ago tim tiba was the most competitive guy i've ever been around and he can help set the culture. If i was in that building what i would be pushing back saying coach. That may be true but in the nfl as you well know. Players needs to be led by players. They believed can take them to where they wanna go and as a backup tight end. I just don't think tim tebow would have that same credibility as he wants dave when he was the starting quarterback in florida. He also questioned whether tibo could even makes a team. I just don't see how he makes the team or urban and he's a really good coach he he's been historically great college but i just don't know he has to earn a spot and he's given a spot. That's gonna cause a big problem because players weren't have a chance to win and again to me just putting on my lens of a general manager and roster construction if you're not a starter in the nfl with only forty six players dressing you have to play special teams so my question. is tim. tibor thirty four years old going to cover cover kicks that remains to be seen. Now if he doesn't earn it does a totally different discussion. But i don't think you could sign him and say hey. He definitely has a spot on this team.

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