Simple Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia With Dr. Dean Sherzai

The Chalene Show


One of the most interesting statistics. I've heard you talk about. Is the effectiveness of what the companies have been able to do and the effectiveness of certain types of exercise. Can you share with us. What is it we need to know. So i was part of the biggest clinical trials in the world that ucsd which was the number one neuroscience program at nih in an at columbia mind everywhere and after four hundred studies that worked on mice. Those poor mice. I was part of those. Da teams that cut their heads off and then we studied. It's terrible after all. Those studies are success. Rate has been zero. We have zero drug that does zero percent in slowing down or stopping disease. Now we have gloves that affect the symptoms era seven but even the pharmaceutical companies don't claim that it slows the disease so zero after billions and billions of dollars and all these experimentation yet and now these nutraceutical companies. You know the blue jellyfish pill and this and that they're making hundreds of millions of dollars on zero data and why because some young guy was able to buy their right. You are oh and do the right trademark and then just put some things together and sell it as a good name because it has targeted or cognition or neuro in it. So it works. Here's what works harvard eddie. Large wealth power incredibly. Well done study if you walk. A brisk walk. Not you know when we tell our patients direction all dr shares. I i'm in the garden Those are great. Those are meditation exercise. You gotta get short of tire if you do. Twenty five minutes brisk exercise every day. You lower your risk of alzheimer's by forty to forty five percent. Why is there nobody talking about it. Because there's not a hundred percent effective and for the younger people. You are more likely to abstain from alzheimer's if you start at early we're talking about nutrition. We call it neuro by the way we're not any. You are on nutrition exercise unwind which is stress management ours restorative sleep and always optimizing mental activity. By the way. None of those. You have to pay anybody well for food. You have to go somewhere to buy food. But basically it combined the fact of it we've extrapolated. We said that's kind of as much as ninety percent of alzheimer's and dementia can be prevented

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