Suns Survive Heave From Embiid in 116-113 Win

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All the sixers were involved in the game of the night last night. Joel embiid and his team taken on the sons and it's a good game second quarter sixers up three and look at embiid working on his former teammate. Dario chartres we'll get the volleyball and beat a double double in the first half eighteen and tenth. now fourth quarter. Here's where it gets decided. Good game minutes of play. Sixers down six and more from joel. Well below the handles look at this. Spin a rama. He had thirty eight points. Seventeen rebounds now sons on the other end. We're under twenty seconds to point the shot clock winding down devon booker looking for space that macbook against to go. He had nineteen sums up six five seconds to play. Sixers are down five firkin court musk's with the inbound trying to find some room. He's got the three sisters are within two. They need to foul sons. Got it in sons. Gotta get it in sons. Gotta get it or they do chris paul. He's got twenty eight points on the night. Two free throws what is he would make. The first here comes the second. It's no good sixers. A change look how close that was to going in take another look and be with the essentially fall court heave and all his in all of it is beneath the rim and it doesn't go and just like that the suns hang on to win a thriller one sixteen one

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