A highlight from Meditation: Opening to Full Aliveness (2021-04-21)

Tara Brach


Finding a way of being that brings a sense of safety of groundedness. Your president at easies. I often like imagining myself as a tree. Is that the rudeness in the earth. And you might feel that since the weight pressure where you're contacting the floor. And since the earth beneath and around you might since the hug of gravity that gives that sense of belonging and also sends the sky space around you and the there's really room for what arises for our laughter for our tears. Firt all you might since behind you. Whatever brings up the experience of being supported for some sense of the ancestors others those living that we feel trust in love with for some spiritual figures part of the natural world sense of support from behind and sense in front asanga our community. Those gathered to awaken hearts and minds. Whether they're here in this moment or that you know. They're here in the field. The sensing those for directions and feeling this very body breathing right here now and you might lengthen the breath so that if you count four five it's along smooth deepen breath please bring them and that same count four five as you excel. Slowly inhaling slowly deeply matching the length of the breath with the sale paying close attention as you inhale deeply felling the chest and lungs open. Rec- that slow out breath feeling the

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