Curry's 30-point run ends


Out there that says rules are made to be broken. Well, records are made to be broken as well. Streaks are made to be surpassed or made to come to an end, and it just so happened. That Steph Curry ran into a formidable defender in Russell Westbrook as the Warriors air wrapping up their road trip on Wednesday in Washington. Steph Curry has to take on for the most part. The battle of the hounding the aggressiveness. Russell Westbrook and you know Russ is tenacious. I mean, The man's relentless He likes to prove a point. He likes a personal challenge. This was a game in which the Warriors were up big early. And then we're up by 11 in the fourth quarter. What got sloppy. And then the shooting went cold in the fourth and so very quickly, the Wizards were able to narrow the gap. They were definitely missed opportunities for the Warriors. But the Wizards were able to take care of. There's real rocking the cradle back and forth. I'll cut stores, right head down right block to the basket Bank and score bacon score because he runs by Russell Westbrook. Hello five as it was to fly high 1 14 1 10 with 55 seconds left. Bradley. Beal had 29 points in this matchup against Curry. Top two scorers in the N B A to start tonight, Curry had just passed. Bradley Beal Washington rallies from 11 down in that final quarter. But even in that last minute after the lay up with Dave John that you hear with Dave Johnson on the Wizard's radio network, even after that, Warriors got a big feel and Andrew Wiggins blew a wide open layup that would have tied the game in the final. I think it was the final 10 seconds I was listening to the game on the war years radio network.

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