What Could a College Football Super League Look Like?

Comeback Szn


I wanna talk about the super league. Right to the super league takes over Soccer and for forty eight hours eight hours and now it's gone. It's a thing of the past. It was a nice wispy thing. It's like at the end of forrest. Gump it's a little feather. They just flies up and just goes away and then the super league is gone forever but it did cancer. The imagination is a pretty much fans of every other sport who came up with their own superleague for their sport. Now this happened a lot in college football as the lazy among us decided to just do a super league not me. I have the super. Oh kaley coming out. But so the super league proposed by andy staples he has. Let's see fifteen teams only team all right. Well there was only twelve. Or i think there's only twelve in the super league. Now they were gonna eventually get the twenty. they're starting with twelve broke alias. Twenty-five i liked this

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