Interview With Don Lemon of CNN

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And you during the first year or two of trump you were giving me life because you would come on full of fire kicking him in the face all but about to curse and like that level of passion. We don't usually because we're supposed to have some level of reserve at your leg. No this is racist. This is horrible. This is like what is happening. And i appreciated the reality that you bringing every night. Well thank you Yeah it. I mean look. It's our jobs to point out the truth and not some sort of false fake objectivity let not to give. I believe a platform to lies and misinformation into racism. And you know so if not me who's gonna do it. I mean there was a time when media was nervous about using the r. Word even msnbc even the new york times. And you're one of the. I was like no call it. what it is. It's racism i really. I know it's i know. It seems weird. But i think opened up that space for a lot of people because after i said it i think people were like oh who somebody said it so now i can say. I really do because no-one no-one people are having trouble staying live. Yes allies alive. When i opened up my newscast and i said the president has This is cnn tonight. I'm deliver the president of the united states is racist. I mean the guys in the control room behind. The camera relate a camera. Do you get pushed back in the building. Do higher up say. Hey don know. Initially it was a little I think it may be a little bit uncomfortable. Maybe they said stuff but no not really. I mean i've had you know. Had support from as far as i know from management you never know but

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