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Man. Oh, man, So you know what it was a Tuesday that was so weird with the snow squalls. That was tasty Night and in Wednesday, Wednesday was when we had eight different snow squalls up at the farm. That was Wednesday. That was Wednesday. It was crazy. We really actually dodged a bullet because the record temperature and we're gonna Brian is Wilkes will she's coming by. I don't know when. But Brian Wilks is coming up here. So we we kind of dodged the bullet with The low temperature coming along with the snow, which kept foolish, wet and moist and with some wind. The Japanese maples kept their leaves Everybody, Lou Yeah, Yeah. Since it was well next night. I'm sorry the next night when we expected to be in to the twenties twenties, again with clear skies that would've zapped those Clouds moved in. You know God's looking at so I think the temperature just ended up In the 30. We went to Starkey Park. Jane's birthday was on the 21st. It snowed on his three or four times and Starkey Park, But we could see that the maples they had already put out that first set of leaves. They were in great shape. They were in great shape. I think this snow Um, the snow sort of insulated impact? Absolutely. So Wednesday this greenhouse that we're in here it Alison Bill Home and Garden. So sun comes out. It's hot. I mean, I opened events in this greenhouse. It seemed like every 10 minutes we get hot. I'd open them up and all sudden you'd look and here comes the dark clouds. And then now it's porn snow. It was cold. You need to go to church more often. And then about I think it was 5 36 o'clock at night. Here. It's thunder. Yeah, no snow, The snow thunder. That's really weird, Weird stuff. We'll ask. We'll see about that. I yelled at him. We were on that walk, and I said Went from rain, the snow to snow to rain and it was the craziest weather I think I've ever seen. So consequently, what we had to do here in our greenhouses in our garden centers is we had to postpone shipments because we needed the space inside. T o Bring in. All are perennials

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