Sharon Buccino on Deb Haalands Fast Start


Going to check in on deb holland's first few weeks as interior secretary to say she has hit the ground. Running would be an understatement. The secretary went to utah earlier this month. Making good on a promise to the state's congressional delegation to visit bears ears and grand staircase escalante national monuments before making a recommendation to president biden about whether to restore or expand the monument boundaries. That president trump attempted to shrink now. It's worth noting that the tribal nations that originally proposed the bears ears national monument have made it clear. They want president biden to protect all one point nine million acres of their proposal. Not the one point. Three million acres that president obama protected in two thousand sixteen and after that utah visit secretary holland signed two major secretarial orders. That really set the stage for what we what we're going to see from the interior department under her leadership and so joining me to help break down everything in those orders and talk about national monuments and a whole lot. More sharon pacino. Sharon is the senior director of the land division at the natural resources defense council. She's an attorney who works on environmental reviews public participation. the freedom of information act she also teaches public. Land's law sharon. Welcome to the podcast. It's great to be here thank you. So let's tackle these secretary lew orders in order the first one's about reversing the legacy of former interior secretary bernhardt and the trump administration that second order creates a new climate task force so reversing all of these trump orders. What is covered there. And what's the practical effect of it. Sure well it's Very significant i I would characterize it. In general saying you know in that secretario order Interior has really assumed it's critical role in addressing catastrophic climate change. And so there was a there were a series of actions. Secretarial orders that had been issued during the trump administration that in her order secretary hallen reverses

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