Trial of Derek Chauvin, officer charged in George Floyd's death, gets underway


Opening statements and former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show van's trial in connection to the killing of George Floyd. Now underway. You're going to hear that he was a veteran on the Minneapolis police Department for 19 years. Have been trained in CPR multiple times at the time, and you'll be able to see for yourself that when Mr Floyd was in distress, Mr Chavez Wouldn't helping didn't help him. Speaking before opening statements, attorney for the Floyd Family Antonio Ramen, Uchi said that this case should not be about the past of George Floyd. But on Lee what happened to him before he died. Case of common sense. This is not a case about George Boyd's character. This is not a case about George Floyd's past. This is the case about what happened on May 25th of 2000 and 20. The defense is expected to argue that Floyd's death was caused by drug use and unrelated medical

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