Double Date with Ray & Anna Romano


Our day in los angeles with ray and anna romano involved a little more staging than we were used to. That asked us to meet at a hotel near their home. So we got there a few hours early and rather than sit in noisy lobby. We booked a room ordered room service and then proceeded to rearrange furniture until the setting was just right. Once they arrived we all rated the minibar and everyone eight m. and m.'s while marlowe struggled with the recording equipment has to go. I can't believe you're doing it all but then when you press this button does it light. Because it's supposed to see here but you sorted out like chant. Yes okay well. that's funny. Analogy we finally settle down to talk well. First of all you guys met went how we worked together at a bank or a burke we were we were really young. Spank tiller us. I think i started when i was eighteen. He wasn't there yet. I started working there when i was twenty five. I lived at home. I twenty nine. Wow yeah so. I drove my bike to work. I was pretty much like not the the do start guy working at the bank. We know when he started there. There was a bunch of young girls. We all work there. And we're like oh there's a young guy starting here you know whatever. And then he stroked by late by the way always tend to sit back down about two years and i left after two years right and then i asked her out after i had left the bank. Yeah that's why. I wasn't working anymore. But little footnote. She was the third bureau xed out at the bank. The first he said

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