Outriders Will Permanently Brand Cheaters' Games


During the outriders demo period developer people can fly has so far identified two hundred cheaters out of two million total participants while the number is relatively small. The dove doesn't plan to go easy on them or any future players who think they can get around the games anti cheat system. As reported by pc gamer studio has has announced that cheaters receive a permanent onscreen brand for even one infringement. The perspective punishment is described as a discrete before the water mark. They'll be overlaid on cheater screens permanently marking them as untrustworthy. The walmart ideas like the aimed at youtubers in streamers who might be who might be tempted to use tax to accumulate click where the amounts of high level loot like one player. Who called out by the team after they gave himself six hundred. Legendary weapons is an awesome idea. I like the idea of being able to just be like cool water mark screen. So that if you're if you're streaming this near cheating all your audience is gonna know and they're gonna have so good. It's so good shots. If people can fly shot discreet. I as a new outriders brand ambassador. I find this to be very very cool. I i am happy that this is going to be a

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