‘Botham Jean Boulevard' Officially Unveiled in Dallas


Of bottom. John was in Dallas this past weekend as the city renamed the street after him. On Saturday, John was shot and killed in 2018 by an off duty Dallas police officer who said it was a mistake. Mayor Eric Johnson at the ceremony says it's important that we remember that he also had this to say that John's family think You so much for the grace that you've shown throughout this. We know this is difficult, but the city of Dallas mourns with you. We honor your son's legacy. And hopefully this is just a small, small demonstration of how we feel about the contributions that your son made in the very short period time that we had him here ceremony. But shells shells on on on South South South Lamar Lamar Lamar ST ST ST a a a portion portion portion of of of Lamar Lamar Lamar from from from I I I 32 32 32 South South South Central Central Central Expressway Expressway Expressway is is is now now now renamed renamed renamed Bottom Bottom Bottom John John John Boulevard, Boulevard, Boulevard,

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