Volkswagen Group To Sue Former Executives Over Diesel Emissions Scandal


Volkswagen Group says it will sue its former chief executive, Martin Vente corn on the former head of its Audi brands, Rupert Stadler over their roles in the diesel emissions scandal. Affair has cost VW nearly $40 billion in fines, compensation and repair costs. Here's Theo leg. It Involves Morgan admitted using illegal software to subvert emissions tests on diesel vehicles in the United States. It triggered one of the biggest scandals the automotive industry has ever seen. Now, after what it calls an exhaustive investigation, the company says it will pursue its former chief executive, Martin Vintage corn for damages. It's accused him of having failed to clarify quickly and thoroughly how the illegal software was being used, as well as having failed to ensure questions from the U. S. Authorities were answered truthfully. It claims Mr Stadler did not investigate where engines fitted with illegal software were being used after the scandal had come to light. Both men are already being prosecuted in Germany on charges linked to the scandal.

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