Wainwright, Cards Win 5th in Row


The card to score four times with two outs in the third inning to a race up by due to deficit of a down the Mets six to five Adam Wainwright battles to revive it to third innings allowing five runs to improve his record to one in three the Redbirds hit a solo home run from here some bait or at a three run blast from the left are not there's no quit in this group you know and we we stayed with it we just stay there and compete our **** off and now is it you know I went to give us everything you had I know he will be very happy but he still gave us five or six bank and that's what we need and that's what makes him so good Dylan Carlson Tyler o'neill at RBI's for St Louis is they win their fifth straight Kevin Millar homers for the Mets join the cheesy takes a loss he's a when to buy creeps St Louis

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