Comedian Russell Kane on his Mental Health Journey

Mentally Yours


We have special to talk about mental health awareness week without guests editor for the week russell kane. He's going to be looking off to metro cody case tech section this week. So we're gonna talk about tech addiction mental health in general and he's various views and opinions about mental wellbeing so russell welcome to mentally yours and thank you for joining us dive straight in there with the kind of big question which is once you'll mental health story kind of from childhood to now won't spend your mental health journey Spicer my mental health journey. You could probably draw equivalent with some sort of a seventy year old gammon man. Who's just realized that agenda and rice exists. It's not like he was ever meant to be in the dark. Took about shaking to wake him up. I mean by that is never realized. There was any such thing as mental health. Something you would look at or examine or think about it was just not in my lexicon. In the same way that the politics of gender and rice knowing the lexicon of the generation that came before me. So i've been so shaken awoken in the last ten years about the that's even thing one my of pundit on so anything i answer to you will be going back in coloring. In with knowledge that's been acquired off the us supposed to thousand sixty thousand seven. How valid is it. I'm always nervous about looking back. I was because i have no memories of any mental ill-health of of of feeling distressed of needing to see us psychologist or psychiatrist of needing medication of thinking. Something was wrong. But if we teleported my whole child oldest team experiences. So that i've been born thirty years later would not have the same opinions that he's of that point. Who

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