A Conversation With Tina Rodriguez About Equity Counseling


What is it. Like the service structure like four survivors in in the central valley. You referred to gender based violence and dating violence and substance misuse. And i'm just curious. Could you could characterize a talk a little bit about what. It's like in central california. What kinds of services out there. What are the issues that people are struggling with right now because of code. The onset are increase of crisis. Response is changing very drastically and it had to because we're not prepared to function when the challeges kobe. Bryant such as social distancing. So here. And i think probably globally challenges with domestic violence primarily has resulted in an increase of very brutal violence and unfortunately murder so for example in madeira. Last year. broken unfortunate record where during the period of kobe we had three back to back domestic violence homicides in another way i like to bring that to give people an actual picture with that site that means the last year eight. Children went through the holidays without their mother. That would that looks like and globally is what i understand it because of social teen and the inability or survivors to be able to access immediate help. There's a higher risk of being very really injured and often times more frequently now it resulting in debt and so right now on the central valley. There's a one of the is focused on is domestic. Violence response genes also known as the gbi. Rt's and domestic violence task force in that is groups of multidisciplinary teams that come together and look at their services and how they intervene in really strive to develop best practices for responding to these

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