Fanny Durack: The First Female Olympian To Take Home Gold


Francis durack better known as fanny was born on october. Twenty seventh eighteen eighty nine in sydney australia. She was the third daughter and sixth child in a big irish family. Her father thomas drac managed pub in town while her mother. Mary took care of fanny and her siblings. Fanny was not a natural swimmer. Her when she was nine years old fannies family went on vacation in the beachside town of coochie australia. While in the ocean. Fanny found herself fighting against the waves and struggling to get comfortable in the water instead of retreating and fear or discomfort vani made it her mission to teach yourself how to swim and she did that. Fannie trained in and mastered the breaststroke at the time that was the only style of swimming that had a championship for women when she was seventeen years old. She won her first state title as her abilities progressed. Fanny learned the trojan stroke and the australian crawl with these three styles. In her skill set she dominated the australian swimming seen her main. Competition was me no wiley. Nina beat fanny a few different events including the one hundred yard breaststroke at the australian swimming championships at rose. Bay as the nineteen twelve. Stockholm olympic games approached. There was discussion. About whether fanny and meena should attend the new south wales ladies amateur. Swimming association had a rule that forbade women to compete in arenas where men were present. The association believed it was immodest for a woman to be so scantily clad and the presence of men but fanny and meena's widespread success created enough public pressure. The association overturned the rule. Getting to the games was another hurdle. These were the first olympic games where women were allowed to compete in swimming.

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