Does Online Event Sponsorship Work?


In a lotta ways sponsoring an on line. Event can be a lot more profitable for your business then imprison event many in person events even once everything gets back to normal after covid are expensive live sponsored in person events for ten twenty thirty thousand dollars so in order for me get a return on investment. I can make more than that plus the expenses that i have to spend. They're getting their Any teammates that are going to go there to be at the booth The merchandiser the swaggering giveaway. It all adds up. And if you're a small business every dime kant's so when we moved to online events and we sponsor one of the whos you can get a whole lot more affordable i've sponsored online events for as little as five hundred dollars and sponsored. Some that are up to five thousand dollars at the end of the day. The biggest factor. That's going to dictate your negotiating. Power and price is how many people will attend. This event is sponsored events that had two hundred people and i've sponsored events had ten thousand people that are gonna show up online now if i have access to ten thousand people that's great but what kind of access so what i want to start with is say that everything's a negotiation. They might have some packages for you to look at but you can go. She ate anything especially when it comes to sponsorships. The event organizers are just looking for great sponsors that are good with their audience and are willing to give them money so you can actually create your own package if the packages that you see are not really what you want. I have gone back and forth and created my own customized packages. All the time because i really want access to the audience as much as

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