The Chinese Immigrants Who Built America


Workers did not come sir haphazardly. From around the entire country of china they came ninety percent maybe even more from a relatively small area four counties in southern china near hong kong near macau in the early eighteen hundreds. This area was rife with conflict civil wars between different ethnic groups. The opium wars waged by the british. People could even watch the battles on sea. Between the chinese and british forces from the shoreline and in this war-torn region word began to spread about an opportunity in a particular region of the united states notion of california being go mountain became embedded and became legendary. They heard the glorious stories of wealth from just going over there and picking up gold nuggets in the streams of california soon. Many young men from this region set out for california a lot of them intended to one day. Come home sometimes. They were married. Just before say ritz. Leave because their parents wanted to make sure that they return but once they got to california there were some who were very eager and homesick and wanted to return. They had wise or sweethearts back in china and they wanted to be with them or with their parents. Others were much not so philly hill. And i so conventional but liked the money that they got in the united states the latitude or freedom. Young men van -joyed in the wild west there is lots of opium there is prostitution and there was work to be had including prospecting for gold. Which though ching notes it's draped in romanticism. Now was difficult dangerous. Work it involved moving earth using explosives and when the gold rush was winding down. Many chinese immigrants use that experience to find other work opportunities irrigation systems road systems acquiesced systems said a lot of infrastructure work and when it comes to infrastructure work there was no bigger project at the time than the transcontinental railroad. Maybe no bigger project

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