Practicing Love and Kindness Meditation


I do loving kindness meditation which i do and it's just me generating or tending to generate Some friendliness goodwill et cetera et cetera. Alone in a chair. I don't sit on a cushion. Qasem nearly fifty enough very limber. That is not love or positively resonance as you would describe it. It's good but not your definition of love right but it sets you up for positively residents later in the day when you do interact with others. We found that in our research the more time people spend in seeded formal meditation practicing loving kindness on later brandon workday. They're more likely to share positive feelings with a work colleague so that was a really early study that we had done and more recently. We found that the amount of time you put into formal practice of either loving kindness or mindfulness. Meditation there's a dose response relationship between the minutes that you spend in meditation and the degree to which you show increases in your own positive emotions but also in these positive social connections with others. Because you've changed how you arrive at. Those interactions with people is loving kindness. Meditation is just getting us to retrain ourselves from just total self-absorption in west to being a little more other focused and to remind ourselves that other people are here to you know not so wrapped up and one's own agenda or store your needs and so the more you practice the more you're able to kind of meet somebody where they are create this positive connection on the kushner on the chair practicing. That's kind of tuning years. Human instrument to create this more readily when you are in interaction so it's not an all chopped liver it sound preparatory.

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