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This way burn fat. He'll inflammation and eat like the high performing human. You are meant to be dave so great to chat with you today. That's always a pleasure. I'm a big fan of your work. I i've mentioned you multiple times. Now when i talk about the four f words in fastest way things that drive human behavior but there's another one around transcendence and being more connected to more than just yourself and all that so thanks for the inspiration will thank you know the phillies mutual. After i was on your gracious enough to have me on your podcast. I was left with this feeling of you know this. This is a cool cat. It was such an effortless conversation we had. I mean there was no. There was no lake effort there. So i love when that happens. Yeah that's the best. Podcasts are conversations you want to have any and you just have a few hundred thousand people listening in because they wanted to hear and then everybody wins. Yeah well so we've talked about. I hope i got your bio right. I i couldn't actually see anything On the screen. So i was doing predictive text but hope help it. I got all the words everything but now it's four times near ten seller fastest way. Just hit the list again for second week. So this is my fourth book on the list which is a real author at a certain point. You like okay. I think i'm their relations. Thank you i will. I really enjoyed this book. And i wanted to kind of start at the beginning. If we can with this vision quest because the be completely honest. I never even was. I wasn't familiar with the phrase vision quest. And then it w yeah i mean people are shocked by the author transcend has never been on a vision quest with a but you know this is new territory for me so i was wondering if you could talk a little about that experience and maybe why should try us a vision quest sometime so tell me about what it was like you know. Why did you will into it. I mean you just were spontaneous. You went on to google and you type too let you just went to the first shaman. That showed up. I mean i couldn't even imagine that. Have a high having a high probability of turning out. Well in retrospect the appropriate way at to find a a shaman. Who's a good for. You is to ask around into get a personal referral right. And i have been through. Alberto violas Shamanic training at least at the beginning of his training program And i did that after. I did from after hours and i believe after i did the work in the cave. No i did it before. He did the work in the cave. But i'm what what it comes down to is in some traditional cultures in north america at but not all of them from what i understand There are various rituals and as a coming of age. Or when there's a big change in your life you would basically go out with a loincloth and a knife or whatever. The traditional minimal garb was and You would live in the wilderness fasting until you had a vision and you'd come back with your vision and quite often. This was done For young men when they'd get to you know age about adolescence of celebrate adulthood and it varies other special times for life. And if you're more on the the medicinal side of things more on the spiritual side of things you might do regular fast so in solitude and it's a long standing tradition not even just in north america. I have a encyclopedia of shamanism around here. Somewhere that looks at these practices around the world. So there's a long history of doing this. And i don't think it's fair for anyone culture to say that they own fasting because the people in india china it's a global thing in fact one of the guests on the show Dan brown who i believe is at harvard He's translated the thirteenth century. Texts direct from sanskrit Looking at mystery writer no no. He has the same name as miss redder. This is a really experienced either psychology or psychiatry professor who also knows sanskrit translates thirteenth century cave yoga texts about how to do breathing and fasting in caves. I like this goes way back. And it's a universal thing in my case in two thousand eight given. I didn't quite yet. No out properly work with the spiritual side of things that the way i know. Now i just connected through serendipity with someone who could take me out and it was It was interesting to say. The least. Because i didn't know what to expect. And when you go on a on a spiritual path and do some kind of transformative thing and it can be anything transcendent at you. Get an idea and it constitutes in the back of your mind and it percolates and eventually you feel called to do it. Same thing happened. When i went to mount kailash in the very remote part of western tibet which is kind of the mount olympus of The mount olympus of the east where the gods live if you're hindu buddhist. This is the home of them. No one ever would climbing the mountain but you walk into to showers back. So i just heard about this for ten years in the opportunity presented itself when i was in nepal the garden on a bus to to To lhasa it just happens right. So this was of those situations where i just felt like you know i. I don't know i need to do this. But i knew part of it was i had issues with just being afraid of being alone and a lotta people have this and what i learned through my personal development processes of just becoming lamb is that fear is never a rational thing. Fear isn't thought it.

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