A highlight from We Made It Weird #35


You walk made it weird with the need home. Hey what's happening. Where does this homes rules. New employees coast friday. We his voice in china. I don't like it. I love this episode afternoon. We were. We had a lot of fun fun. I hope you. I did have fund. We actually answered some questions yet. We got some more questions. Val poem in early valpo which was lovely and funny silly it ridiculous and it's so fun what i love about this. We don't plan ahead of time and we always because we have a baby. We never get to talk. And i always things that i'm like working out in my head. Yeah we don't go to therapy anymore. We don't really have a spiritual you don't yeah. I don't but a spiritual community on the regular yup and this has become that place and we're glad you're here. Yeah thanks for being a part of the song shots on the pasta fee. Thong and it's brought. If you like this podcast it's always going to be free. No paywall subscriptions like it. You have to pay for. If you don't like it. Please give us thirty two dollars. But if you want to show your support. There's no better way we only one piece pick this up and it's living libations which is hands down the easiest way to show your support because they have so many products big things little things you want to just get yourself a little thing of serum. That's one of the things i like. It's called neom crawley baba gum serum and put on your gums. It's essential oils that. Keep your gums healthy. My gums are bleeding. Like crazy when i floss. I'll for a couple of weeks really got them strong and feeling wonderful and with stuff that i'm totally find not only putting on my gums but ingesting because it's oils and ingredients that i recognize and that's the whole thing was living libations. They have hair care. They have skin care dental care. As i just mentioned baby care everything. Is i care but the differences but care. Well skin care your skin us but your skin. It's made with ingredients that are natural that you will recognize and not a lot of ingredients it's laughable if you look at a regular bottle of shampoo conditioner shaving cream whatever it might be moisturizer. I always thought if it was fancy. If it was expensive meant it was good. But that's not true. He's corporations don't give about you. They're filled with chemicals like to dock society levels. Never intended for humans could lead to disease just nasty gross stuff. You don't want. I wouldn't eat it. So why am i. Putting on my skin enter living libations. I love their ginger. Exploiting scrub scott like fifteen ingredients. I recognize them. I love them. And it's the most bad ass powerful effective expedient. I've ever used i use it before i shave. That's a pro tip right. There makes the shape so much better. I've been using the peppermint exfoliating scrap. I mean don't even get me started on the sand it's so rejuvenating. It's great in the shower. Plants oils and extracts. That are real and natural food works. I also use their then shave. Which is shaving bomb. That is so clean and natural and moisturizing. You can actually use the same staff. Use a dab of as your aftershave try doing that with some animus neon blue goo shot up

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