A highlight from A Lifer Update from Chalene - 680


Hey there welcome to this edition of the selene show. It is life or update friday. I'm in my car. And i'm just sharing with you a little bit about my week. How was yours first of all. I don't mean to be rude. make this all about me. I love hearing from you guys on instagram. I love hearing about how things are going for. You and i really enjoy when you share the podcast and let me know specifically like what kinds of things you want to hear more of or how things helped you got so much feedback on the friendship episodes which culminated in monday's episode. Where we talked all about what it's like or how to. I should say how to make friends as an adult super fascinating. I learned a lot to. Hey anyways let me get into everything went on this week. Which seatbelt on we are gonna win for array so the biggest of the big news is my daughter. Sierra is now engaged net crazy so the first question everyone asked because i think most of us still think of her as being like six years old. How old is she. she's sixteen. Just kidding now she's twenty one her fiance which is weird to say is twenty five and my son. Brock is also as you know engaged. He is twenty four crazy. And i'm just super happy for both of them. Some people have asked like do. I think they're too young. i don't i just. I know that they are both with the people they were meant to be with. So why not get engaged and getting married you know and start life life together. I couldn't be happier for either of them. I swear i'm not sure who says it. Or who said it quote that you are only as happy as released happy child and that is very true and at the moment both my kids seem to be on freaking cloud

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