Third Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Dose ‘Likely’ Needed Within Year

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Well you might need a third dose of pfizer's covid nineteen vaccine the pfizer. ceo said. it's likely people may need a booster shot between six and twelve months of getting fully vaccinated with the first two doses and that in general it's possible people will need a covid nineteen vaccine each year. Just like with the flu shot but his prediction still need to be confirmed. And the pfizer's ceo admits it also depends what happens with the newer covid. Nineteen strains the binding administration's code response. Chief science officer also said this week. American should expect to get booster shots to help protect against those other variants and madonna. Ceo told cnbc. The company hopes to have a booster shot available as soon as this fall so far both pfizer and moderna have said their data shows there to dose vaccines already available in the. Us are more than ninety one percent effective against covid nineteen for up to six months but more research is

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