Targeting Demographics in Podcasting With Jay Green

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Targeting demographics in podcasting can get a bit tricky. Data can tell you who is in the digital household you're targeting but not necessarily in that household is listening. I wrote about this in my article. Can you target podcast listeners. By demographic which all lincoln the description. I spoke with jay green cadence. Thirteen a division of odyssey. I worked with j. A few times was working at barometric claratyne metaphor. He get the gist. We got a chance to speak about demographics and how podcasting is new avenues to use them. What you don with cadence thirteen has been really cool. Like you guys have been one of the first people that i've worked with to really focus on demographic targeting and interesting ways so demographic targeting is the mindset that we're looking for the individual right or looking for the household or taken the information instead of focusing on what show there at we're gonna instead focus on who is accessing it Which is a neat way to target when you guys use that. Is that how you focus every campaign or is it an additive thing for specific campaigns at that. That's a great question. You know kind of backing up a little bit the mediums. Come off it's evolved in so many different ways One of the big pieces. As i know you wrote about it today dynamic insertion and what it can bring to the table there. This is kind of the next evolution of that You have your direct responsibility. Performance players they want to be part of the episodic you have brands. Who want to be able to your brands. Who want to run across series and networks. This is that next iteration. So i don't wanna say it's the go-to because they really isn't one go to Y pigeonhole yourself that way but what this does allow for. It allows for extensions of campaigns and allows for larger budgets allows for tickets. Created a synergy if you will so if you have client x. who's buying episodically in they're buying and shows that are geared towards female eighteen to thirty four. You can pick those select shows and have your host reads and Have your personal endorsements any personal experiences and now what you can do also as you can target take that target. Say okay i also wanna create this This campaign that is demo targeted to females eighteen to thirty four. And i'm just going to run across the

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