A highlight from MURDERED: Sierah Joughin

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Brett and today i wanna tell you about a beautiful young woman whose brutal murder at the height of summertime shattered her communities sense of safety forever and in the process set police ascites on a monster hiding right in their very midst. This is the story of sierra jogging On the evening of july nineteenth two thousand sixteen in fulton county. Ohio's about forty minutes away from toledo. A young man named josh cole. Lazinski is taking advantage of the warm summer night and going for a ride out in the country with his girlfriend cr jogging. Now they're writing side-by-side down a country road in the middle of like farmlands like kind of the middle of nowhere field. You can only get in the midwest when you're surrounded by cornfields on all sides and sierras on her purple bike. While josh rides slow on his motorcycle one of those a perfect summer nights here in the mid west where you know the skies clear the heat starting to dip come through that humidity. I can just picture at. There's like a nice little breeze logs for maybe some firefly's in the field exactly so it's a great night to be out getting some fresh air and having some quality time especially for a couple like josh and sierra who've been dating since school now they've talked some about getting married but they're both still so young sierras only twenty. So they're not in any kind of hurry to take the next step. They're more focused on enjoying one. Another going to school living their best lives as partners. And then they'll just take the next step when they're ready now ignoring the awkward selfie angle. Josh actually snaps a photo of them together his arm in the frame and sierra writing behind him. You can see that they're smiling. They're having a good time. He uploads to snapchat because he wants to remember this moment before college starts back up and their lives. Get busy again eventually on. This ride sierra tells josh is ready to ride home and call it a night. Now they're near the evergreen high school which is on county road six near the town of meta maura but this is still in the middle of nowhere so being the good boyfriend that he is josh rides back towards home with sierra. Until she's like listen like you go home. You don't need to go all the way like take me home and then right home like i can get the rest of the way on my own. It's no big deal. She's done this right a hundred times before now. Josh in thrilled about leaving her alone but syria insists she's going to be fine. And besides it's still light outside and literally. Everyone in the area knows everybody else like. It's kind of small towns safe that makes so many of us comfortable thinking that. There's just nothing to worry about. So according to rachel tross reporting for nbc news. Josh leave sierra at around six forty five pm near the high school. He kisses her goodbye promises. He'll reach out to her later and rides his motorcycle back home true to his word. Josh texier a few times over the course of that evening but when he tries to call her at around ten pm. The call goes to voicemail right away. This feels unusual to josh because sears usually great about answering her phone and so he keeps calling only to have every single one of his calls.

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