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In front of more than 8 8000 fans at Nationals Park, so the Nets will stay home for three game series against the Cardinals starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, the Orioles couldn't complete the sweep in Texas. They fall one nothing to the Rangers in 10 innings. John means no decision even though he pitched a very strong seven scoreless innings. Same score different result for the Capitals. They lose 63 in Boston today after winning in Philly by the same score T. J Oshie two goals. Anthony Manta does it again. He scored on the Power plays the first capital to get a goal in each of his first four games with the franchise. And even with the loss of capture, still first place in the East by two points in golf, Stewart Cink wins the R B C heritage by four strokes over Harold Varner. The third he finished 19 under for the tournament did sink who is Theseventies player in the last 50 years? At the age of 47 to win multiple PGA Tour events at that age. Rob would work to believe GOP sports Rob Thank you and still ahead a covert update in some good news coming out of Virginia 8

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