This was certainly unexpected. I think any time something that happens, but not Something that I had ever seen


Her back to talk about the events this week and to talk more about what's ahead in the Derrick Show Vin trial with closing arguments scheduled for Monday, Now that we're almost ready for closing arguments and for deliberations, do you think I'm gonna ask the same question again that Minneapolis is ready? Regardless of what the verdict is. I do think Minneapolis is much better prepared than it was a year ago, and I think honestly, it's gotten a trial run after this last week because of the shooting and nearby Brooklyn Center, we saw a lot of outbreaks of protests and rallies and some writing, so that really did put law enforcement to the test. Maybe a little bit of a look at what's to come with the National Guard being deployed and with troops and law enforcement out in a way that they weren't before that shooting. Was there anything about the showman trial that surprised you? I think one of the things that surprised me was how short the defense's case Twas. We saw 38 witnesses from the prosecution, the defense only presented seven. I think a lot of people will say that the body cam video in the witness video is going to be very hard. The defense to overcome And yet I thought they would launch much longer, more detailed defense and it was only seven witnesses tell us a little bit Jenelle, if you would about next week in the closing arguments and the jury and deliberations closing arguments

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