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Community and trauma. I'm Dante, right, dying a week ago in front of everyone, and they recognize this community needs to have a space to peacefully protest and demand change. But they also recognized that amongst those thousands of peaceful protesters, there's folks who are willing to shoot a police burned buildings, do those things and we're trying to strike that proper balance. The governor's also asked neighboring states for resource is in preparation for possible protests knew this afternoon. The gunman who killed eight people at an Indianapolis FedEx facility never faced a hearing under Indiana's red flag law after his mom called police Brandon holds mother feared her son would commit suicide by cop. Police seized a pump action shotgun from hole in March of last year. But the marry in county prosecutor says investigators thought that was enough. They were hesitant to invoke the Red flag law because if they lost a court hearing, they would have to return the gun to hold. Indianapolis. Police say the gunman legally bought the rifles used in last week's attack. The former sheriff's deputy is under arrest following along manhunt after three people were shot to death in here. Austin taxes Over the weekend Police a 41 year old Stephen Broderick was taken into custody this morning in the suburb of manner. Local police chief says he had a pistol in his waistband when he was picked up. Police say he knew the victims. Two women. One man. Roderick has had been arrested for sexual assault of a child last June and was released on $50,000 bond. He had resigned from his job in the Sheriff's department after that arrest, and

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