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Roping again a how this idea about creating jobs that you'll be posted should podcast when a weekly basis. I'm hoping to address topics. End experiences that encounter. He and there aren't necessarily putting such a deal in a bucket of often. This is a journey that you could be. Thank you for this segment. I'm looking at Talk city quite interesting that most people find it so hard to admit that the ain't toxic relationships with a dispute friends at work or even parents. I think it's all the same. Unfortunately in most instances. It's never outright that you can pick it and in some situations it can slowly creep up a new end even before you realize it's something that's totally consumes you that if your point as i'd like to consider that may or may not apply to you. I mean i'm gonna professional sue. I'm sharing his experience or understanding. That have gained over time my point as it could be what feels familiar if the connection between obviously love is allen knife. Someone who's been abused miniaturize. They other healthier ways of going about that. Let me see if i can simplify this point. Probably from sainthood so as a child One gets to experience abuse plus some prediction hand there and then like love grow. The gets just hit laugh with abuse and then they land to shut down their feelings and then blamed themselves and things about when bad things happen so this child gets to analyze that love. Actually hats oris had this child then grows up meets a partner who's emotionally or physically abusive then by this point. The doubt has lantau to shut down their feelings in once needs then. They keep leaving themselves for their partners. Beavis and fortunately in other instances department enforced this attachment bolting between the kind acts on the acts of abuse which for this adults. They are excuse for their partner is. That's how they loved them and it gets a point where it's now the victim who starts making excuses for their partner so in this adult later finding themselves were hustled ina in an intimate relationship. They perceived familiar feelings of shame and anger us. Love and care from this listenership. So that's how to stage can be my other consideration is it may be an attempt for them to heal the logic behind his dad's by becoming an abuser. A former victim can try to do their abuse by taking the opposite position hoping that they can get it right. This time my third consideration would be. Someone could be feeling inadequate people who are abused as children may believe that they're not good enough or they don't deserve agenda in caring listenership so whenever they find themselves e a space where someone needs someone actually cast for them. They'll go above and beyond to make this thing. My foot went. I ease you could be trying to reverse the roles of power and control. this is by becoming an abuser. Someone who has been abused and play all of the more powerful pasadena leadership shipping an attempt to overcome that feeling of being powerless or powerlessness that powerlessness. They felt when they were being abused and features. This is not effective and they made repeatedly dominate In an attempt to get over their weakness in to get over the weakness that the the got str- experience as a victim. My next point is a strong fyfe. This is constant anger. You may not realize this but the reality is one tends to carry a lot of eg about what happens to them and abuse can be a way for them to express this anger so even if they even if they have pushed this anger out of their questions awareness. It can come out in subtle or sometimes in in not-so-subtle ways within an intimate relationship or show in their parenting stent. Another point of consideration could be for. This could be an attempt to get the upper hand probably with logic that they had at us before their hats. People have been abused maybe relationships as output as a hunting ground where to be the predator landed pre and think that adds to our smallest ease. They'll kitchens in the life heels wasif than the reality. Who's the painful experience. Sometimes validation from people who we don't care or sometimes it could be just event family or just sometimes own eagle biz on that you may set idealising other people to the point where you make excuses be out of your abusive button as a putting short

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