Berlin-Tel Aviv 2036 Olympics Would Be ‘a Mark of Reconciliation’


Come to the promised. Podcast brought to you on t. Lv one the voice of the city. That was just proposed as a possible venue for the twenty thirty six olympics which will be the thirty sixth modern olympics now that the international olympic committee just decided that the thirty fifth olympiad in twenty thirty two will be in brisbane australia. The twenty thirty six games are now for bid. The proposal was floated. in last. week's berliner morgenpost in a column written by franck koale ski a lead organizer of the two thousand and eighteen european track and field championships in berlin and ricard ming. The president of the german olympic association. The two men began by observing. What maybe obvious that berlin could not host the twenty thirty six games because berlin hosted the nineteen thirty six weeks which were by then german. Chancellor adolf hitler and held in stadiums festooned with swastikas. You may remember. There was some unpleasantness back. Then so berlin is out or is it. Kurowski wrote quote so why not send a completely new strong signal of peace and reconciliation in twenty thirty six a signal that does not hide from history but takes up the responsibility that comes from it. It would be such a signal. If and israel apply together more precisely berlin and tel aviv with the sailing and surfing competitions on the eastern mediterranean but also with other sports such as beach volleyball in israel's lively metropolis as a clear signal of how responsibility arises from

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