Senate forges ahead with Biden's COVID relief plan


Relief has passed the Senate This is the 2 30 report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now. Thank all of the senators. Who worked so hard to reach a compromise through the right thing for the American people during this crisis and voted to pass the American rescue plan. President Biden just moments ago the massive Covitz stimulus relief bill on its way now To the house after clearing the Senate, the final vote 50 to 49 along party lines. The nearly $2 trillion measure features direct checks of $1400 too many Americans. Democrats call the bill and urging priority, but Republicans say it's too costly and filled with stuff unrelated to the Cove ID crisis. This is a Senate majority leader, Democrat Chuck Schumer, you'll be getting direct checks. Your schools will receive assistance to reopen quickly and safely. Your local businesses will get another lifeline and the day when you receive the vaccine. Will be a lot sooner.

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