Alert Over Shortage of New Drugs for ‘World’s Most Dangerous Bacteria’

UN News


A lack of new treatments for common illnesses has left. People exposed to the world. Mice dangerous bacteria the u. n. health agency said on thursday the alert from the world health organization. Who is delivered a report showing that none of the forty-three antibiotics in development sufficiently addresses the growing threat posed by thirteen priority drug resistant bacteria. This persistent failure to develop and distribute effective new. Antibiotics threatens our ability to successfully treat bacterial. Infections said dr hanan bulky. Who assistant director general on antimicrobial resistance those most at risk are young children and those living in poverty according to who three and ten newborns developed blood infections die because the antibiotics used to treat. Sepsis are no longer effective. Bacterial pneumonia another preventable illness. Which has developed resistance to currently available drugs. it's also a major cause of childhood mortality among under-fives

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