Why Corporate Diversity Programs Fail

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Two black men went to a starbucks to wait for a business associate but when they asked to use the bathroom. The manager ordered them to leave they refuse. He called the police and the video went viral amidst an avalanche shows. Bad publicity starbucks closed all stores across the country for four hours of diversity training and so far east does were handed workbooks with prompts. Like what makes me me and you you and understanding our bias from colorblind to color brave dismayed newspapers across the country and arguably that was the goal. Look everyone we're solving our diversity problem. The assumption though was that you could address structural racism with a an earnest. Conversation about our feelings might take. Give me a break to address structural racism. You need to change structures so in the aftermath of floyd's death my sense is that many companies are feeling pressure to actually deliver on their diversity goals. But they haven't a clue what to do and that's because we spent probably close to a billion dollars on diversity but the basic tools of the diversity industrial complex they just don't work a one-shot bias training. It doesn't work for a really simple reason. Doing anything once won't changer. Company's culture and the other basic tools things like an employee resource group or women's initiative. They're fine if the problem is with the women and the people of color. But it's it's not if a company faces challenges surrounding diversity typically it's because subtle not so subtle forms of bias are constantly being transmitted through their basic business systems through hiring through performance evaluations through access to opportunities

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