Changing the Rules of Our Economy to Stop Environmental Breakdown


There are just eight months left until the uk host the un climate conference and despite. Boris johnson's insistence. That we will have a green recovery from the pandemic in the last month have been a number of climate related controversies including the construction of new coal mine in cumbria. The leads broadfoot epo expansion and plans to air passenger duty on domestic flights. What we need is a commitment from the uk that means you know stopping. I'm oil and gas. Licensing feature not opening coal mines in handouts to the fossil fuel industry in industrial agricultural. Uk's credibility as president rests on demonstrates climb action hub and yet much like the government's feld pandemic response which has left one hundred thirty thousand people. Dead government is acting too slowly prioritizing prophet over public wealthy. You know what's good symbolic actions are important. What's better than both those things as a credible costed plan and financial commitments. So why can't the economic status quo deal with the climate emergency. What has the fresh attention on. Climate actually achieved can the pandemic teachers about the climate crisis. We are pushing nature to its pushing. Population pushing communities stressing the environment distressing of religion beautiful. We are creating conditions in which epidemic flirt forcing and pushing. People migrate away from only speak for climate stress. Were doing so much. And we're doing the name of globalization some sense chasing. That's wonderful thing that people call economic growth in my view. That's become an malignancy rolt because what it's doing his driving unsustainable practices

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