What to Expect From Apple’s “Spring Loaded” Event on April 20

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Apple is holding its event next week. What are we expecting. I think at this point with apple. You're probably looking at the next versions of the match. You're transitioning to you that emlyn remember back in the winter. We had the look air. The thirteen inch pro in the mac mini. Mike gut tells me in with an m one but other option is also that sixteen inch macbook pro. I figured you'd eat away on those and of course people have always been talking about this. Spring event is being the next ipad pro. Which could get 'em one chip or something similar to. Its as they continue that sort of weird mind meld between the tablets side and the computer stuff. That's an interesting suggestion. Do you think that they start. Converging the further or you think they'll keep them separate though still. Have some sort of aid chip processor for the ipad pro. I think the chips are going to become increasingly similar. Even if they use different letters for the the a whatever in the ipad pro and the whatever in the max they they may have different nomenclature essentially doing the same thing as the absolute negativity for those platforms become more and more similar sheila sophoclean however i feels like apple's business models still relied on keeping these two separate to the point where they had the ad with the kid using an ipad and such what computer they happened to kit. Goes what the computer. And that's more fanciful thinking on their part than reality. People take their ipads computers. Likely people think of their phones at as computers. Now i spend a good deal of of several days a week probably working exclusively from a phone getting the same stuff done. I would normally do city at a computer. We're not there yet. But i think the ipad pro comes very close to that if you have the right kind of keyboard in touch fan combo and frankly the latest. The latest macbooks feel very much like the ipad version of that because they are becoming much more. I think mobile century in terms of their native

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