Retailers Try to Hire Tens of Thousands of Workers


We're looking for a big jump in retail sales as consumers who got him cashed those $1400 virus relief checks. High retail sales, of course, could mean will be seeing a whole bunch more retail job openings, which would be a good thing. Dollar general in point of fact. Just announced it's looking to hire up to 20,000 people. Other chains IHOP, Taco Bell and McDonald's among them are on hiring sprees as well. But even with the labor market as loose as it's been retailers or having a hard time finding people marketplaces, Marielle Segarra explains, what's going on. We talked a lot about pent up demand this idea that people will spend more money when they get vaccinated that they'll go to restaurants and buy clothes to wear those restaurants and on vacations. Andy, Challenger, Challenger, Gray and Christmas, says retailers are preparing for this. These employers are clearly anticipating a huge surge in demand through the summer through the end of the year as people start to feel safe. But that doesn't mean potential Retail workers feel safe, Shawn Ashworth AlixPartners says. A lot of people are worried about getting sick and they're asking themselves Do I want to go back into retail and work in an environment with high contact with other employees and customers? Or do I want to consider work from home job? A lot of people who used to work in retail have probably found other jobs at home or not. Jed Kolko is chief economist at indeed, during insured when retail wasn't hiring many people, other sectors were manufacturing, warehousing, driving, jobs, Pharmacy and other help Your lady jobs. One obvious way for retailers to attract workers would be to offer more money. And Andy Challenger says some are giving bonuses. But when you look at like small retailers, small restaurants, those businesses have been under enormous pressure for a year. It's been a really, really difficult environment. It's easier for the big retailers. Mariel Sierra for

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