America Is Facing a Ketchup Packet Shortage


From wondering. I'm david brown. And this is business words daily on this thursday april fifteen. There are two kinds of people in this world. those who slather catch up on everything and everyone else. If you love nothing more than a pile of fries doused in the red stuff well brace yourself for some bad news. Ketchup is the latest victim of the pandemic shortages. Yes throughout this past year. We've been keeping you updated on products that have been wiped out by supply. chain disruptions. hoarding were sheer popularity. You may recall the great toilet paper run of march and april last year. Or mason jar mayhem in september. Maybe you're still getting over the great grape nuts drought from a couple of months ago. The changes we've made to our behavior and challenges in the manufacturing sector have created multiple ripple effects and the latest unlikely victim. Is the ketchup sachet. You know those little red and white package you get to go orders. Ketchups top dog is kraft heinz company. Heinz ketchup dominates the market. The company actually invented ketchup sachets in the late nineteen sixties leading grandma's everywhere to wrestle with the ethics of stuffing extra sachets into their handbags. America's second place catch up that would be conagra. Brands hunts which has a much smaller but loyal following as americans hunkered down during the pandemic eating more packaged and takeout food. Catch up sales. Increased data from euromonitor found that. Us restaurants bought more than three hundred thousand tonnes of the saucy read stuff last year and retail sales spiked fifteen percent. Cnn sounded the alarm on single serving condemend shortages months ago people started ordering more takeout because they couldn't or wouldn't go to restaurants those carry out bags often include the plastic utensils napkins and seasonings. You need to eat and enjoy your meal. Often that includes a big handful of ketchup packets. Even in restaurants single serving options have caught on after all in the days of covid nineteen. No

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