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Can you say john o. Doesn't do any research for the show. Mealtime research just did some research on the show. I believe i believe the frazier looking for is not realtime h just in time right. Hello and welcome to bad voltage. This is season three episode twenty-seven our season episode counting not very consider. What how many we did. We do for episode of season two like sixty episode. I'm not sure about shannon. Only do not remember. Just everybody knows the only the reason why we changed the seasons is when we have a new idea. Like that's when we decided to kick off season and so anyway welcome it is arbitrary and capricious for sure. I'm here with my compadres. Mr stewart in language. And of course mr jeremy sofia garcia. How you guys doing roy. That's lovely isn't lovely. I'm is now. I go go to the pob for the first time in. What was it. Like twelve freezing. Because you have outside still. And it's april in england but nonetheless. He had a good time. It was great. Just the idea of being you know semi nia other people. It's very socially distance we separate tables and so on you callable six people title and stuff but just being an environment where you can hear other people talking about stuff. i'd forgot. Yeah how much. I missed that experience. Well the such a pub culture in england as well right that there is. It's isn't just like isn't just going for a drink at a restaurant. It is genuinely. He spend time and hang out and this is the first stop in twelve months. I've been able to ban handed. No go can you hear me about now. Inquiring minds wanna know first pub in almost a year over year. which did you choose Chose pure bar for three reasons. First of all it's really close to my fly second day they have titles outside or not. Everybody has everyone is open yet for exactly that raising licensed to do it. And so Okay unfairly 'cause they do good bear. That sounds like reasonable guys. Yeah actually eight in a restaurant recently. Good this insight. Did you have a big mac with full happy meal. What was very unusual with. Somebody bringing me a cocktail which hasn't happened less house. Nice yeah it was very nice. And i also forgot what it was like for the first like ten minutes and then as i used to do this so anyway. Let's talk about news. We haven't done news very much recently. We've been doing a lot of big meaty topics so we thought let's do whole show of news Because you know there's lots to talk about and the only we do the whole show news but we actually went and updated the new. So we're not talking about things from two and a half months ago. We had an alarming amount of news piled up in that because so we went to cover just a couple of news items for the last few shows and the topic just got enough. That we didn't so there were some quite old. Hold things in there. Yeah yeah we would always say before. We started recording. Why do we do this segment. We'll see how long it is and we'll do the news if we've got time. Yes never ever an news disappointed because now you don't get to find out that apparently someone is built this model thing in the desert exactly so what i kick off so one thing. I was news to see. Is that So recently i'm not used by this bit but recently prince. Philip died right. He'd been in hospital all nine thousand nine years old so not a bad innings but he died and apparently it broke a complaints record in the uk for tv complaints At least one hundred ten thousand just under a hundred and eleven thousand. People contacted the bbc to express their displeasure decision to turn off most of the corporations tv channels and radio stations because of consistent rolling tributes to prince philip. Apparently such important shows like eastenders. A master chef were replaced with royal trivial in this kind of irritated people. What i love about this stories. Two things one is that it brings back. Memories of infuriating levels of royal tributes like remember when princess. Diana died those nothing but royal tribune tv and everybody got sick of it right and very sad what happened but everyone got sick of it secondly the uk when it comes to complaining about tv is global world leader right. It's the fact that there's always you always hear like though and there was fifty thousand complaints to the bbc because someone that nipple out on tv or something along. Those lines is very british thing complaining to tv station. So my favorite part about the entire article which. I am astounded. That you left out is the very last sentence which is an in a sign that the bbc is destined to be criticized by all sides. One hundred sixteen people wrote in to the corporation over

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