What's in PS5's First Big Update



The. Ps five has gotten its first big update. There have been. I think since launch a lot of requests for a lot of different features Obviously the ps vue is completely different from the ps four. You i and there's been a lot of changes both some that i think have been more well received than others but just to quickly run down. The the update is available right now. It changes some things like you are able to finally download. Ps five games to external usb. Drive you can't play them off there but you can at least actually download them to there's that have just deleting and re downloading there are now new social social features. Excuse me so you can actually do. Share play cross generation. So technically don't need a ps five to play a ps five game. You just need a friend who has a. Ps five to share play with you there. Ps five games and then in addition to that there's been some changes to the game base Some other pre download and game library customisation options. Some slight changes to the trophy settings and then today as it went up they had an announced it in the initial playstation blog. Post but there have been some slight changes that include some different. Hdr support and support for one hundred and twenty hertz monitor so if you're someone who plays your ps five on a pc monitor that sports that you can now use those monitors differently. Are there will also some updates to be playstation app which. I'm actually have a user of and that. I i like some of these changes because they include actually having the ability to manage your ps five console storage so you can now not just download games but actually deal with what's on your ps five remotely. Which is something. The xbox app has allowed you to do previously.

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