Shipping losses mount from cargo vessel stuck in Suez Canal


That's enough to desolate stocking up unable to pass through Egypt's Suez Canal as a giant cargo ship remains stuck in the vital waterway judges tug boats and even about K. failed to free the gigantic cargo ship at the given which ran aground in the narrow man made canal the ships waiting to pause have now reached a hundred and fifty as losses to global shipping mounted even with the aid of high tides authorities have been unable to push the Panama flagged container vessel aside and then looking for new ideas to free it in a sign of the turmoil the blockages cools the ship's Japanese and I even offered a written apology says expert dollars Jensen says the ramifications of the pockets are huge so the longer this lasts the higher the risk that we're going to see massive congestion problems in the European ports say a week to two weeks from now I'm Karen Thomas

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